Oliver Pust

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Pust

06.07.2022, 00:00–00:00, N-Tec Talks
Compact NIR Spectrometers for Agricultural and Point of Care Applications

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Pust

Director of Sales

Oliver Pust, Ph.D., has a background as a mechanical engineer. He earned his doctoral degree within the field of laser optical fluid measurement techniques. He has long-term experience working with international partners and in sales of high-tech equipment to research and industry customers. Pust recently joined HOYA Optics Europe as director of sales and marketing. For the 10 years prior, he worked at Delta Optical Thin Film A/S, where he was responsible for global sales and marketing activities. Pust enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge and experience in workshops, customer visits, exhibitions, and, most recently, webinars. 

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